Keeping Your Dog Healthy Into Fall

Summer is starting to ease it's way into fall and we can forget that even though it's not hot anymore, there are still potential dangers lurking for our dogs. As leaves begin to change colour and drop and the air begins to get crisper, a host of moulds, fungi, allergens and toxins can target our [...]

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Allergies in Dogs

Allergies should be considered a national epidemic! How many pet owners talk about their dog’s skin issues!? It is one of the number one causes of a trip to the vet. Symptoms Include: Constant licking and scratching Itchy, runny eyes Chronic ear infections Scabs and "Hot Spots" Runny, soft stools Chewing paws Itchy back and [...]

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Want a healthier dog? Lucky Dog Cuisine can help!

Hanging at the beach in the sunshine! Summer is prime time for your dog to start to itch and scratch. We all love the summer and so do molds, fungi and other allergens and toxins. Now is a good time to consider a detoxification for you and your dog! Dogs live closer [...]

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