Introducing Rousseau, Lucky Dog of the Month!

  Hello everyone! My full name is Jean-Jacques Rousseau Pritchard, but I go as Rousseau (or Rou) for short. I’m a French Bulldog, and I turned four years old this month. I live in Toronto, Canada with my mom, but we also travel together a lot – mostly to see my grandparents in Vancouver. I’m [...]

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Keeping Your Dog Healthy Into Fall

Summer is starting to ease it's way into fall and we can forget that even though it's not hot anymore, there are still potential dangers lurking for our dogs. As leaves begin to change colour and drop and the air begins to get crisper, a host of moulds, fungi, allergens and toxins can target our [...]

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Heat Stroke in Dogs Part 2

In our last post, we taught you how to recognize the signs of heat stroke in your dog. Now, we're going to teach you what to do if your dog does have heat stroke. There are some surefire steps to take, but make sure you don't get over zealous -- treating him too quickly can [...]

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Allergies in Dogs

Allergies should be considered a national epidemic! How many pet owners talk about their dog’s skin issues!? It is one of the number one causes of a trip to the vet. Symptoms Include: Constant licking and scratching Itchy, runny eyes Chronic ear infections Scabs and "Hot Spots" Runny, soft stools Chewing paws Itchy back and [...]

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February is Pet Dental Health Month

As February is well under way, I thought it would be a nice idea to set up a series about dental health and your dog, in honour of Pet Dental Health Month. Pet owners always have lots of questions about clean teeth and good breath, so I'll be giving you some easy steps that you [...]

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Susan Thixton’s 2015 List

Susan Thixton's Seal of Approval Once again, we here at Lucky Dog Cuisine have successfully managed to get a coveted position on Susan Thixton's 2015 List of approved pet foods. The list has companies that are transparent about the wholesome ingredients they use in their recipes, and features only those that Susan would [...]

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Toronto Life’s 2014 Gift Guide

December 2014 Although it was just a quick shout-out, our mention in December's issue of Toronto Life was a great way for us to end a wonderful year. If you peek about in the gift guide section of the magazine, you'll see that we were recommended as a subscription gift for pet lovers. It means [...]

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AOL PawNation and Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Dr Mahaney and Cardiff As I'm sure some of you know already, one of our good friends is holistic vet Dr Patrick Mahaney, and he writes columns for AOL's site PawNation. In one of his most recent columns, the focus was on debunking the most common dog food myths. It's something that we [...]

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Animal House Calls with Ann Rohmer

Dr J., Me and Django at CP24 We finally got to make our very first TV appearance here in Canada, and it was on CP24's Animal House Calls with Ann Rohmer! My mom, Dr Janice Elenbaas, just happened to be in town when a producer from Animal House Calls got in touch and asked [...]

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