Kidney disease

One of the main causes of chronic kidney disease is dental disease. Bacteria builds up under the gum line and enters the blood stream and invades multiple organs including the kidney. ( the heart and liver are also effected) So, the first thing you need to check is...

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Humans vs. Dogs: Part 2 – Healthy Natural Dog Food

In part one, we looked at some of the physical differences between dogs vs. humans and the effects on nutritional requirements.  We compared, the number of teeth, the structure of the dogs jaw and perhaps most importantly the length of the digestive system. ...

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Humans vs Dogs

The small and large intestine in the average human is approximately 36 feet long. That’s the length of a school bus! A 70 lb dog has a 6-foot long intestine therefore dogs need high quality proteins to be able to digest them quickly.

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Delivery Rank interviews Dr. Janice Elenbaas

Dr. Janice Elenbaas, Co-Founder of Lucky Dog Cuisine, tells us just how important it is to feed our four-legged best friends a diet as rich in nutrients as we would prescribe for ourselves. We find out more about how this thriving little company has grown from...

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The Potato Story

The Potato Story Nutritionists are encouraging all of us to get back to basics. Eating whole, less processed foods is good for us. Those of you who have read any of my articles know I am constantly saying that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. ...

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