Susan Thixton’s 2015 List

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Susan Thixton's Seal of Approval

Susan Thixton’s Seal of Approval

Once again, we here at Lucky Dog Cuisine have successfully managed to get a coveted position on Susan Thixton’s 2015 List of approved pet foods. The list has companies that are transparent about the wholesome ingredients they use in their recipes, and features only those that Susan would be comfortable to feed her own pets. Only 20 dog food companies have been named this year, and none of us are available in big box pet stores. Isn’t that interesting?

Susan is a crusader in the fight against unnatural and harmful ingredients in out pets’ food. She is a member of AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) and frequently updates her followers on pet food recalls, changing laws and the gross inaccuracies that commercial giants often give to consumers.

Susan’s work on her site TruthAboutPetFood.com is incredibly relevant and important — there just aren’t many crusaders in the pet food world. To support her, or order a copy of the 2015 list, click here.