Hanging at the beach in the sunshine!

Hanging at the beach in the sunshine!

Summer is prime time for your dog to start to itch and scratch. We all love the summer and so do molds, fungi and other allergens and toxins. Now is a good time to consider a detoxification for you and your dog!

Dogs live closer to the ground than we do. They constantly eat grass, sniff and play in the dirt and sand. Our dogs become a banquet for hungry fleas, ticks and mosquitoes too. Without much thought, we spray our yards with herbicides and pesticides, clean our houses with chemicals too. Then we want to protect our 4 legged babies with fleas and tick treatments. By the way, are you a smoker? Second hand smoke is harmful for your dog too! Feeding your dog the same dry, processed kibble adds to the toxic soup.

When internal organs can’t keep up with the toxic load, the body tries to remove the waste products through the skin and mucous membranes. Chronic conditions like skin irritation, itching, ear infections and tummy upsets are all signs of this toxic buildup.

Fresh & Healthy Dog Food

So what can we do to keep our dogs healthy?
Encourage a whole food, healthy dog food diet, avoid pesticides on your lawn and on your dog. Use natural, chemical free alternatives.
Rotate your dog’s protein sources and encourage a variety of healthy, fresh dog foods. Exercise helps too to provide regular elimination of wastes.

We all want our dogs to look and feel great!

We all want our dogs to look and feel great!

Not all dog foods are the same. At Lucky Dog Cuisine, we believe in a diet of pure, human grade dog food ingredients to encourage detoxification. We use grass fed beef and pork, hormone free turkey and chemical free fish. Our fruits and vegetables are not genetically modified and we use real cheeses and yogurt for a healthy, happy GI system.

Yogurt provides live culture probiotics for a strong immune system.

A wet & healthy dog food, like ours, helps encourage a more dilute urine and less stress on the kidneys and bladder.

A natural, whole food, healthy dog food based diet is the best defense for your dog to ward off the effects of environmental toxins. Remember, allergies are a sign that the body is out of balance. Keeping his insides clean and healthy will reflect back in clear skin, more energy and a healthy, happy dog!

Enjoy the summer!