Dr J., Me and Django at CP24

We finally got to make our very first TV appearance here in Canada, and it was on CP24’s Animal House Calls with Ann Rohmer! My mom, Dr Janice Elenbaas, just happened to be in town when a producer from Animal House Calls got in touch and asked us to make an appearance. Not only did they love our food and think it was a great idea, but they loved our website too!

Being on TV is a whole new experience for me. Sure, mom has done it many times, but I am a newbie! Because the crew at Animal House Calls was so great and relaxed, and the other guests we encountered were super sweet, it was a lot easier for us to get into the groove. It also helped that CP24 is a local Toronto channel, one that all of us know as they are based in the Much Music building on Queen Street West. I found the most important things to remember were to:

  1. Listen to the question posed and think through your answer before you speak.
  2. Maintain eye contact with the cameras.
  3. Stand up straight!


Ann Rohmer in her glory!

Ann Rohmer in her glory!

Ann Rohmer is also a wonderful host. She has been on television for years and she really makes a point of making you feel at ease on camera. She made sure to speak to us beforehand, get a feel for our product, and ask very poignant questions. I’m sure everything must feel like second nature to her — she’s been on TV since the ’70s!

What I do think is especially wonderful  about shows like Animal House Calls is that is helps to open up pet owners’ eyes to the wide world of what it means to own an animal. It’s easy to just do the bare minimum: a quick walk around the block, one chew toy, and a cup of dry food a day. We’ve been indoctrinated for so long that it can be hard to think for yourself. By posing hard questions, investigating food alternatives and showcasing rescue and success stories, Animal House Calls can, like Lucky Dog Cuisine, enrich our relationships with our pets.

Oh, and in case you’d like to see the actual CP24 spot with us in it, follow the link here, and select the highlights from March 4. We’ll post the clip on our site as soon as we can!