Safety Tips for Halloween

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Uncategorized

Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays. As a kid, nothing was better than going to school in costume, working on spooky-themed activities, and then getting to go trick-or-treating. And while Halloween is fun for kids, not all dogs get into the spirit. Here are some tips to keep your best friend safe tomorrow night.

1. Candy is not for dogs

We all know chocolate is a big no-no for pooches, but other treats like licorice, sweet tarts and gum not only contain a ton of sugar, but certain ingredients can be almost impossible for a dog to digest and cause severe reactions, resulting in surgery or even death.

2.  Keep dogs (and cats) in a safe place

That means, don’t leave your pet out in the yard or near the front door. There will be a lot of visitors in costumes so you don’t want your pet to get spooked and either attack or take off.  Door bells, loud bangs and noises or even kids calling out to each other can potentially scare your buddy.

3. Only put your dog in a costume if you know he’s comfortable in it

It’s always best to try a costume on your dog before Halloween to make sure it fits properly and is not digging in or choking your puppy. Some dogs can become extremely anxious while wearing clothing, and you don’t want to them to panic or accidentally swallow a piece of the costume. Additionally, if you’re taking your dog out at night, make sure the costume is bright coloured or put reflector tape on it so your canine can be easily seen.

4. Be careful with candles

Fire is a big part of jack-o-lanterns. Yes, they look pretty, and your dog will think so too. You don’t want her getting too close and burning herself, or knocking the flame over and starting a fire.

5. Make sure your dog is properly ID’d

If the horrible circumstance occurs where your dog does get loose, you want to make it easy to find him. Ensure your dog has either been microchipped or has an easy-to-read ID tag on his collar.

If you follow the steps above, both you, and your dog, will relax and have a great Halloween!