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AOL PawNation and Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Dr Mahaney and Cardiff As I'm sure some of you know already, one of our good friends is holistic vet Dr Patrick Mahaney, and he writes columns for AOL's site PawNation. In one of his most recent columns, the focus was on debunking the most common dog food myths. It's something that we [...]

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Our First BC Client Loves Our Human Grade Dog Food!

Tamara and her dog Winnie, of Richmond, BC, recently became one of our very first clients out West. And after just a week, here's the glowing review Tamara sent us about how much Winnie loves eating healthy homemade dog food. Gorgeous Girl Winnie I’m extremely picky about what I’m willing to feed [...]

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Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog Part 1

Someone's Thirsty! Now that the full-on lazy, hazy days of summer are finally upon us, and the novelty of the heat has just become the routine of the season, it's a good time to do a refresher on how to keep your pup healthy. Below, some tips to get you started. 1. Water, [...]

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Brandie Loves Our Homemade Meals For Dogs

Patricia and her dog Brandie have been receiving Lucky Dog Cuisine's homemade meals for dogs for a few months now and recently sent us these kind words: I absolutely love the product and that goes without saying as to how much Brandie is enjoying her meals. She ate it right up immediately, when she normally [...]

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Animal House Calls with Ann Rohmer

Dr J., Me and Django at CP24 We finally got to make our very first TV appearance here in Canada, and it was on CP24's Animal House Calls with Ann Rohmer! My mom, Dr Janice Elenbaas, just happened to be in town when a producer from Animal House Calls got in touch and asked [...]

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Why We Cook Our Fresh Dog Food and Don’t Feed Raw Food

One of the most popular questions I get asked is, "Why do you cook your food and not serve it raw?" People often have a hard time accepting that our fresh dog food is cooked and not canned! They think that every kind of holistic, natural food for dogs must be raw. Are [...]

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The Top 5 Things I Learned From Bringing Home a New Puppy

As most of you know by this point, Mark and I brought home our new puppy, Django, at the end of October.  We knew going into this that having a two month old puppy in the house would mean less sleep, less "adult time"  and less time with our adorable cats, Indy and Zoe. But [...]

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Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Cold

We've all been listening to the media go on about the Polar Vortex that is chilling North America currently and the chaos it's creating for people. And while we all know to bundle up, salt our sidewalks and limit driving on icy roads, did you know there are tips you can utilize to keep your [...]

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Bringing a New Puppy Home

Congratulations! You're made it through the waiting period and are finally bringing home a new puppy! Now get ready, put on your "hero-training-for-a-face-off-against-the-bad-guys music" for a montage, and start thinking about the major things you'll need to consider once you bring home your new puppy. (When in doubt, the theme from Rocky works nicely) [...]

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