Diet does help dogs live longer!

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Blog, Nutrition, Tip of the week

Here at Lucky Dog Cuisine, we believe in feeding fresh foods to our dogs. We have been doing this for over 50 years and with good reason!

In a study out of Belgium, “Relation between the Domestic Dogs: Well-Being and Life Expectancy, a statistical essay”, used data gathered from more than 500 domestic dogs over a five year time frame ( 1998 to 2002).

Drs. Lippert and Sapy, the authors showed statistically that dogs fed a homemade diet, consisting of high quality foods (not fatty table scraps) versus dogs fed an industrial commercial pet food diet had a life expectancy of 32 months longer – that’s almost 3 years!

It is the quality of the basic ingredients and the way they are processed that makes the difference. High heat cooking, extrusion and flaking as well as chemical treatment using preservatives and additives were found to be factors in destroying ingredient integrity.

Our fresh foods are cooked the old fashioned way using steam and then frozen. No chemicals or preservatives ever!

We’re excited to be a part of helping dogs live longer and healthier lives.

Feel free to read the whole study here.