Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog Part 1

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Safety Tips


Someone's Thirsty!

Someone’s Thirsty!

Now that the full-on lazy, hazy days of summer are finally upon us, and the novelty of the heat has just become the routine of the season, it’s a good time to do a refresher on how to keep your pup healthy. Below, some tips to get you started.

  1. 1. Water, water, water: Hydration is key for both dogs and people in the summer months. And it’s easy to get lazy about it. Sometimes, you just want to take puppy out for a walk before dinner, and bringing a water bottle seems like a hassle.  But that hassle won’t be nearly as big as the one you’ll get if your dog becomes dehydrated and has to go to the vet. If you know you’ll be heading to a park with a water fountain, then there are lots of alternatives to the water bottle. I’m a big fan of Bamboo’s silicone travel bowls. They collapse into a flat, light disk that can be easily slipped into your pocket or purse.
  2. Lavender oil is a great ingredient for flea spray!

    Lavender oil is a great ingredient for flea spray!

    Summer is also prime time for heartworm, fleas and ticks.  Even if you’re city bound in these hot months, your dog is still susceptible. There are many products on the market to help treat and prevent these outbreaks, but you may want to consider a natural one like Cur1. Ingredients like coffee, aloe vera and lavender oil are in an easy-to-use spray that not only protects your dog from fleas, but if sprayed on the pads of his feet, will help his tender toes out on hot days where the pavement is steaming.

Want more tips? Then check back soon and see what other fun products we’ve dug up for you.