All of our recipes are made with healthy human food for dogs, making Lucky Dog Cuisine the best available cooked dog food delivery. Our meats are sourced from within Canada. We use real cheeses and yogurts, our grains are all top quality (never pet grade, moldy grains) and everything in our product is designed to create tastiest, healthiest human food for dogs in the world.

Human Grade Dog Food

Original Recipe Beef & Rice (Gluten Free!)

A canine culinary delight featuring custom ground beef, simmered and blended with brown rice, tomatoes and vegetable purée. Perfectly complemented with smooth ricotta cheese, blueberries and fresh apples, organic flax seed and extra virgin olive oil. Listen closely when you feed your dog this human grade dog food, you can actually hear your them say, “Yum!”

Lickin’ Chicken & Rice (Gluten Free!)

Want to mix things up a bit for your best friend? Try our chicken human grade dog food recipe! Tender chicken is sautéed with tomatoes and brown rice, which is cooked with filtered water, of course. Add puréed peas, green beans and carrots, yogurt, apple, blueberries and extra virgin olive oil.

Bugsy’s Best Beef & Barley

A bountiful human grade dog food blend of custom ground beef and barley brought beautifully together with creamy yogurt. Blended with puréed peas, carrots and beans with ground flax seed, blueberries and fresh apple. Add extra virgin olive oil and you have the best beef and barley dinner ever, according to Bugsy (one of the original Lucky Dogs) at least!

Picky Palate Pork (Grain and Dairy Free!)

Looking for a recipe that will lure in your picky eater with a sensitive tummy? Then try this new human grade dog food recipe: we mix custom ground pork with cooked split green peas, carrots, peas, green beans, healthy pumpkin, tasty apples and blueberries, and extra virgin olive oil. The result is a smoother texture that still packs a punch.


Lucky Dog Cuisine Homemade Cookies

Looking for something a little special to show your canine buddy that you love him? Has someone been a good boy? Then try our handmade cookies! Healthy whole wheat flour is mixed with savory ground flax seed, chicken stock powder, oatmeal, garlic powder and rosemary and then combined with water, eggs, olive oil, molasses, Romano cheese and a tasty apple. Your dog will be begging for more!

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Lucky Dog Cuisine Home Made Cookies

Lucky Dog Cuisine Here Fishy Fishy

Considered the ‘catch of the day’ by many canines, our fish recipe is sure to meet your dog’s standards as much as it meets ours. Wild caught, alaskan pollock fillets, brown rice, yogurt, pumpkin, carrots, peas, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, apples, and extra virgin olive oil are combined to create a perfect palette pleaser for even the pickiest of pups.