Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-02-25T18:17:06-05:00
How can I get Lucky Dog Cuisine?2019-02-26T13:00:07-05:00

If you live in Toronto, Ontario, you’re in luck. As the best human grade dog food brand, Lucky Dog Cuisine is available in select specialty retailers or it can be delivered right to your door. Our handy pet food subscription autoship program allows you to have 14 lbs of Lucky Dog delivered once a month for the low price of $150.

Can I customize my order?2019-02-26T13:13:00-05:00

Of course! Just give us a call or send us an email. If your dog prefers certain flavours, or you find you need more or less food with your pet food subscription, just let us know. We’re here for you!

Can I mix Lucky Dog Cuisine with dry dog food?2019-02-28T14:55:25-05:00

Absolutely. In a perfect world, Lucky Dog Cuisine would be fed exclusively. But we know this isn’t always possible. Just mixing a bit of Lucky Dog in with a good quality, dry human grade dog food will help ensure your dog is getting a balanced diet.

How long does it keep in the freezer?2019-02-26T13:26:43-05:00

Our human grade dog food can stay in the freezer for four to five months.

How long does a package keep once it is thawed?2019-02-26T13:27:39-05:00

We are the best human grade dog food brand, and with that freshness is very important. As long as the food is kept in a sealed, tupperware-type container, it can keep for five to seven days.

Why do you cook your food?2019-02-28T14:55:51-05:00

Although raw food is a great alternative to dry dog food, we find some dogs have difficulty digesting it. Raw foods can also cause spikes in blood sugar levels, which can cause stress on the liver and pancreas. Our human grade dog foods are cooked to allow for more gradual absorption and digestion which prevents these spikes in glucose production. Additionally, some antioxidants, like lycopene (which is found in tomatoes), are released during the cooking process.

What other differences are there between cooked and raw food?2019-02-26T13:29:58-05:00

Our meats are cooked and then drained of excess fat. We also lose about 1/3 of the volume during the cooking process, so a 10 lbs batch of meat will yield approximately 7 lbs, so you’re getting more out of your pet food subscription with Lucky Dog Cuisine.

What about digestive enzymes in raw food?2019-02-26T14:49:18-05:00

Enzymes are a type of protein that are digested in the acids in the stomach. The enzymes can be weakened when cooked, and therefore, digested more easily with a cooked human grade dog food. Not all dogs are capable of digesting the enzymes found in raw food easily.

Why does dry dog food seem to have a higher protein content than Lucky Dog Cuisine?2019-02-26T14:50:35-05:00

With any wet food, we have to take into account the water content. Therefore, in order to compare our wet human grade dog food to dry food, we have to use a formula:

  • We subtract the moisture content of the wet food from 100
  • We then take that number and divide the protein by the aforementioned calculation
  • For example, our Beef and Rice recipe has 72% moisture so 100-72=28
  • Our percentage protein is 8%, so our protein on a dry basis is 8รท28=28.5%

We can now compare the two protein levels, the dry food and Lucky Dog Cuisine, on a dry weight basis.

You say that Lucky Dog Cuisine is so good, I can eat it too. Is this true?2019-02-28T14:56:23-05:00

There is nothing in Lucky Dog that is harmful to humans. It is a top quality, human grade dog food. If you were to open a package of Lucky Dog and heat it up, you would have a quality meal for yourself. As a matter of fact, if you were to eat nothing but Lucky Dog for the rest of your life (not that we recommend that), you would probably be eating much healthier than the average Canadian. Bringing you the best human grade dog food brand, Lucky Dog food is not just dog food — it’s food for dogs.

My dog has allergies. Can I feed Lucky Dog Cuisine?2019-02-28T14:57:21-05:00

One of the biggest reasons dogs have allergies today is the poor food they consume in the first place. For example, a lot of people claim their dogs have a corn allergy. The problem is often not with corn, but with the fact that a lot of commercial dog food companies use moldy grains. These moldy grains are not allowed in human grade food and they lead to all sorts of allergies and reactions. As the best human grade dog food brand, our food will help most dogs as it allows them to ingest whole foods. We do not market Lucky Dog as a cure-all or remedy for any particular ailment, but anything that helps your dog’s immune system function more efficiently will allow your dog to remain healthy.

Why is there garlic in the food?2019-02-26T14:56:55-05:00

Garlic has many health benefits, including purifying the liver and stimulating gastric juices for better digestion while promoting the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel. Garlic helps lower blood sugar, has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and contains selenium, a powerful anti-oxidant for immune system enhancement.

Too much garlic, meaning 50 cloves at a time, can cause a condition called hemolytic anemia. Too much of anything can be dangerous, but our human grade dog food recipes only contain 2-3 cloves per 40 lbs of food. The AAFCO, the government regulating agency in the US that is responsible for what is allowed in dog food, deems garlic to be safe. The Pet Food Association of Canada follows the same guidelines as the AAFCO when is comes to pet food. For more information, you can visit the Association’s web page at www.pfac.com.

I see you use grains in your recipes. I thought grains were bad for dogs?2019-02-28T14:58:29-05:00

Most grains found in a lot of commercial, pet grade foods, are grains that are unfit for human consumption. This means they are filled with mold, aflotoxins and bacteria. They are also poor quality as most are by-products of the milling process. This means that they are left overs of the milling of corn, wheat or barley and are stripped of their inherent nutrients. So many dogs are experiencing allergies and even seizures due to the quality of raw ingredients in their diet. The grains themselves are not the issue, the quality and toxicity are.

Grains have many health benefits providing they are whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta and barley. Once cooked, they are well absorbed and well digested by dogs. Whole grains provide a myriad of vitamins and minerals and provide soluble fiber to feed the good bacteria in the gut. They also provide the nutrients the body needs to manufacture its own vitamin K.

Whole grains are digested slowly, which keeps blood sugar levels low, reducing stress on the pancreas and liver. They are also an excellent form of protein when combined with the amino acids found in vegetables. By signing up for our pet food subscription service, you can rest easy knowing your dog is only getting the best of the best grains in his diet.

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