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Some tasty Beef and Barley

Some tasty Beef and Barley

Here at Lucky Dog Cuisine, we strive to provide all dogs with the tastiest and healthiest dog food available. Our recipes promote a strong immune system and feature all natural ingredients. Lucky Dog Cuisine is designed as a whole food, meaning there are no additives or preservatives, ever. By using ingredients like cheeses and yogurts as calcium sources, human-grade beef, puréed vegetables and filtered water, we ensure that everything that goes into our food is the best. Your dog will taste the difference.

Lucky Dog Cuisine is cooked fresh in small batches, then frozen. Our food does not feature anything that is not fit for human consumption, meaning we are different than most other dog foods available. Unlike the majority of commercial pet foods that contain meat meals, moldy grains, the euthanizing drug Pentobarbital, or plastic and foam materials from expired meat products, Lucky Dog Cuisine contains only human-grade ingredients. We stand by our motto of:

“If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t feed it to your dog!”

And not only is Lucky Dog Cuisine the tastiest and healthiest dog food, it’s super easy to feed to your dog too! Our food is frozen in 1 lb packages and conveniently delivered right to your door. Everything we do is designed to provide amazing food in an easy way — honest, wholesome and delicious!

Lucky Dog Cuisine Canada is run by the same family as Lucky Dog Cuisine USA. Yes, our ingredients are sourced by Canadian suppliers, but our story is the same – we are a family company with a family tradition. Our company was started by Dr. Janice Elenbaas, so you know that a significant amount of time and research has gone into our recipes.  In fact, we have fed Lucky Dog Cuisine to our family dogs for over 50 years. We regularly monitor their weight, stool, blood and urine to ensure they are as healthy on the inside as they are on the outside. As Dr. Elenbaas’ daughter, I truly love dogs, and only want the best for them. Try our food today to out what years of hard work and love can do for your dog.