Introducing Lucky Dog Cuisine

Lucky Dog Cuisine was developed not only because we love dogs, but because we believe that health comes from the inside out, which is why our food contains no preservatives, chemicals, damaged meats or moldy grains (unlike many commercial pet foods). In fact, once you find out what’s in a lot of commercial dog food, you’ll never want to go back.

We gently cook our locally sourced meats and combine them with freshly steamed vegetables, healthy grains, fruit and other good stuff. Our recipes are made in small batches, and then frozen in freezer-friendly, 1 lb packages.

Lucky Dog Cuisine is a family run, Toronto-based company. We love hearing from you personally, which is why Lucky Dog Cuisine is only available via home delivery — you won’t find us in stores.  We are currently available for delivery all over Ontario, with plans to expand shortly. Convenient, healthy and easy — we give you more quality time with your best friend.

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Lucky Dog Cuisine is available through a customizable subscription program. Register now and receive 50% off your first delivery plus a free 6oz bag of Lucky Dog Cuisine's all natural cookies.
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We are a great gift for the holidays

We are a great gift for the holidays A healthy puppy is the [...]

We are vet recommended

Veterinarian Dr Patrick Mahaney has been a fan of Lucky Dog Cuisine for years!

We are approved by Susan Thixton

Susan Thixton, author of the fantastic 'Truth About Pet Food' website has included Lucky Dog Cuisine on her exclusive list of approved pet foods.

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